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10 Of The Most Awesome Places to Eat in Placencia Village (2019)

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Let's face it, when travelling, one of your biggest expense will be your meals.

Conch Ceviche in Placencia

It's often a tough choice, between a juicy steak dinner and being able to spring for a fun-in-the-sun-island-hopping-beer-drinking-snorkeling-with-turtles tour, am I right?

Being locals of Placencia Village, we always get this comment from friends and guests "we heard there are only expensive restaurants in Placencia".

That is not true. Far from it.

Placencia is a 17 mile long peninsula, with the larger and more expensive resorts in the northern part of the peninsula and smaller boutique resorts, hotels and mom-and-pop restaurants and eateries that offer up delicious Belizean and international cuisine at very affordable prices.

You can eat a delicious plate of Belizean stewed chicken, rice and beans for as little as $8BZ ($4US).

Yes, really!

If you really are on a tight budget and want to save most of your money to explore all the amazing land and Caribbean Sea tours that operate out of Placencia, you can feed 4 people for $20BZ ($10US)..., I am not kidding...and no it's not bad food!

To help you plan your trip, here is a list (in no particular order) of 10 of the most awesome places to eat in Placencia Village, some of which you will never find on TripAdvisor or Google Map:

eat on the beach in Placencia

Located literally right in front of Imani's Inn Placencia on the beach. Try the Burrito, if you finish it, you may have the urge to take a nap in one of the beach chairs or hammocks. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Placencia beachfront restaurant

Located about a 5-minute walk on the beach, north of Imani's Inn Placencia. They normally have some delicious Belizean specials. If you see Oxtail on the menu, try it. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.

cheap food in Placencia

This cafe is located just west of Imani's Inn Placencia between the main sidewalk and road. It's very easy to miss. However, you won't want to miss trying their fried chicken and bread fruit (in place of french fries).

affordable meals in Placencia Village

A cafe is a small restaurant, so I call this a boutique cafe, since it has only two tables on their tiny, covered deck. However, the food will blow your mind. I had the pleasure of trying a BBQ combo - ribs and fish - and it took my brain about 10 minutes to process how awesome it was. Try...whatever is on the menu. Located just on the main road, about 5 minutes walk south of Imani's Inn Placencia.

fast food in Placencia Village

Setup mainly as a roadside eatery, but with amazing fast food. From fried chicken to chicken fingers - try the crispy chicken burger - to fish dishes, when they have in stock. Located just off the main road across from Wallen's Hardware, about 10 minutes walk from Imani's Inn Placencia.

beachside dining in Placencia

Located at point Placencia, they have an interesting menu. From fry fish sandwich to veggie burgers and a variety of other interesting menu items. They are located about 15 minutes walk due south on the sidewalk from Imani's Inn Placencia.

restaurant and pastries in Placencia Village

Tucked away on the southern end of the village...on the beach. They serve some taste-bud-provoking local dishes as well as pastries. Located about 20 minutes walk due south from Imani's Inn Placencia.

burgers and fastfood in Placencia Village

On the go and looking for a quick snack, then this centrally located eatery is your "joint". Located literally a 30 second walk from Imani's Inn Placencia.

best place to eat in Placencia

This is probably one of the most popular beach front bar in Placencia. Serving up burgers, wraps, burritos, sandwiches and daily lunch and dinner specials to fit just about any budget. Try to Doyle's Delight Burger. They also have nightly entertainment and monthly full moon parties.

affordable restaurant to eat in Placencia

Tipsy Tuna is located right next to the Barefoot Beach Bar and are the two most popular beach front watering hole. Try the Tipsy Burger and don't forget Wings Wednesdays. They have Garifuna drumming and dancing on Wednesdays and Karaoke and afterparties starting on Thursdays.

If you find this list helpful, please, share it with friends and family that are planning on visitng Placencia.

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