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About Imani's Inn Placencia

After identifying a piece of prime property in Placencia Village sitting empty for almost 20 years, we decided to take the risk and purchase it 2018.

We decided to name our Placencia hotel  after our daughter, Imani. 

We realized that most people wanted affordable accommodation in Placencia, however also prefer having all the modern amenities of the larger, more expensive hotels and resorts.

To accomplish this, we decided to start with two rooms (expanding to 4 in 2019).


To offset our operational expenses we decided to build and rent two office spaces in the building.

Due to our close proximity to downtown Placencia Village, all the local amenities are easily accessible: from tour guides, tour operators, gift shops, cafes, restuarants, bars, banks, grocery stores...


and most important...

the Placencia beach is located literally 30 seconds walk away!

There is so much to do - fantastic land and sea adventures - so come explore Placencia, today.

Stay with Imani's Inn. A Belizean-owned Placencia VIllage hotel that is affodable and centrally located.


You can't find a more central location in Placencia. Imani's Inn is right in the middle of the village and is locally owned and operated. Clean, comfortable and safe accommodations seconds from the Caribbean Sea. 5 stars!


The perfect Placencia vacation is waiting for your

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