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About Placencia Beach

The Placencia peninsula is 17 miles long.  What is interesting about the peninsula is that it was not formed like many island beaches around the world, which are from dead crustaceans and other ocean and sea critters...

Source Of Sand

It was built from sediments from the South Stann Creek River. This river snakes its way down through the Maya Mountains  - and the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Reserve - over thousands of years, bringing with it what you see, and enjoy as the Placencia Peninsula, today.

Interesting Fact: Driving In Placencia
Unlike the beaches of the islands (cayes [pronounced: keys]), such as the Placencia cayes, you cannot drive on the sand with an automobile in Placencia. 

The reason for this is that island sand is much smaller and thus more compact, creating a denser foundation.

The sand that makes up Placencia are larger and thus much less compact. If you are not driving a 4 x 4 automobile, you will get stuck in the sand.

The best way to move around is via golf cart from one of several Placencia Belize rentals.

This is also one of the main reasons for the Placencia Village Sidewalk, which was commissioned by Archbishop Hulse, to make it easier for him and local residents to move up and down the village.

Walking in the "soft sand" will give you a great cardio workout.

Public Access To Beach
There is a 66ft reserve (Queen's Land), therefore you have public access to the beach anywhere on the Placencia Peninsula.

In Belize, all land up to 66 feet from the high water level is considered national land or “Queen’s Land”.
It also means that it is to be kept accessible to the public and free from development.

The Belize Laws state: By powers of the National Lands Act (Revised Edition 2003), the Lands and Surveys Department has jurisdiction over the 66 feet reserve and the seabed (National Land). Although the use of the seabed and the 66 feet reserve are regulated under the National Lands Act, Section 6 Clause 1, the construction of over-water structures on the seabed falls under the Belize Building Act, Chapter 131 of the Laws of Belize Revised Edition 2003, which is implemented by the Central Building Authority.


Best Location For Swimming
Most of the private property owners and large resorts do a great job keeping the beach in their area cleaned.

Placencia Village boasts the nicest stretch of beach to swim. You have approximately 2 miles of clean, white sand beach to swim.

If there are sargassum in the area, the point Placencia is almost always clean. And since the municipal pier is there, as well as other businesses; such as restaurants and bars, it is also the most convenient area to swim and relax on the beach.

The Belize Tourism Board along with the Placencia Village Council are working on developing this area, to become more economically viable and convenient.

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